Morgane Richardson

is a professional feminist, lecturer, freelance blogger and birth doula who addresses race, gender, and sexuality in today’s society... without dwelling on theorists and terminology.


A New Kind of Slavery

Photo from The Boston Public Library

My partner and I were wandered over to the Wolfgang Puck take-out stand at the Chicago Airport to ease my stomach rumbles after a 4-hour flight from NYC. While I patiently awaited my highly over-priced but much needed margherita pizza, I got lost staring at a black man working in the restaurant, perhaps in his early 60s with grey curly hair. He had a dignified and calm aura around him as he rhythmically pushed pizza in and out of a brick oven. And then it hit me: how can one say slavery isn’t over when all of the people working behind the counter, serving the wealthy and predominately white travelers, are people of color? And how can we say there is greater equality today when people of color are more often those who fill the positions of attendants and servers in the United States?  Seems like we have just added a bit more money and a few more jobs to a system of slavery that is still very much in place.