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is a professional feminist, lecturer, freelance blogger and birth doula who addresses race, gender, and sexuality in today’s society... without dwelling on theorists and terminology.


Enough Is Enough: SlutWalk LA Speech

Photograph by Sarit Photography

Here is the transcript of my speech from SlutWalk Los Angeles, June 4th 2011. Thanks everyone! It was an incredible event and I was honored to be a part of it. 

Whether you are here to reclaim the term Slut or ho or bitch, we are all here to bring awareness to the injustices that women face every single day.  We are here to speak up and Slutwalkers…. People are listening! 

Somewhere down the line, those in positions of power began to think that a SLUT means it is okay to violate.  If we reclaim the term, and people are allowed to honor their sexuality through their sexual actions, then we can create a united front where being a slut is no longer used as an excuse for sexual assault. Not at home, Not in the office, Not on the streets and Not in a courtroom. 

This movement is about giving voice to women and men who have been assaulted, yelled and prodded at for simply expressing themselves.  This movement is about saying… we have had enough.

We have the benefit of walking in a beautiful city that is made of up women from all over the world and we must honor them as we walk today.

And as you strut your glorious bodies and shout aloud with your strong voices , I want you to think about those who are unable to stand here with us out of fear or discomfort.  I want you to think about how this movement and sexual justice effects those from different ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We must decolonize our minds and social movements in order to fully give justice for women and men who are not part of the norm.

We must expose the myriad of ways white supremacy and patriarchy has assaulted our concept of self and self-esteem.

As my girl bell hooks says, we must embraces a diversity of women and men and our varying forms of beauty. We must see self-love as a radical political agenda.

So on this day, take the time to recognize that there is not a universal women’s experience of sexuality and sexual violence. 

We will not heal unless we acknowledge and fight the affects of assault on all of our communities.  

So when you walk today, and when you reflect at home, remember to think about and honor those women and men who didn’t have the freedom to be with us today.

We can only make change happen if we acknowledge, respect and fight for the diversity of those around us.  

Thank you!

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