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Brooklyn Hurricane Shelters In Need of Assistance

In light of the demand for a list of places to donate and volunteer in Brooklyn in post-Sandy, I have shared a message from 
State Committeeman Chris Owens on where to assist in Brooklyn. 

Overview: There is no network of shelter phone numbers for volunteers to call, so please simply go to one near you and ask if you are needed. At the moment, the shelters have many daytime volunteers and assigned personnel. They need people in the evenings and at night. When you go to a location, ask to sign in and leave your number/email so the coordinators can get in touch with you if they need you. 

Who Is Needed: 
1. Individuals with medical training are always needed. If you are an RN or former RN, an EMT, etc., or a social worker, your help is needed.

2. Entertainers are always needed. Singers and musicians are most welcome (particularly during the day hours), and anyone who can be creative with activities for children. There may not be a lot of space to work with, but I have faith in my fellow cultural workers. Those who carry portable instruments (e.g. - your own voice, guitars, accordions, light percussion) will have the easiest time of it, but some schools with open auditoriums have a working piano! 

Donations Needed: 
At this point in time, only bring BRAND NEW clothing items to the shelters and check with your location FIRST to assess what is needed there. 

Shelter Locations:
NYC Technical College, 300 Jay Street
Park Slope Armory, 361 15th Street
J.H.S. 57, 125 Stuyvesant Avenue
I.S. 111, 35 Starr Street
I.S. 117, 300 Willoughby Avenue
I.S. 136, 4004 4th Avenue
P.S. 189, 1100 East New York Avenue
I.S. 246, 72 Veronica Place
P.S. 249, 18 Marlborough Road
I.S. 271, 1137 Herkimer Street
I.S. 55, 2021 Bergen Street
I.S. 292, 300 Wyona Street
I.S. 383, 1300 Greene Avenue
Franklin K. Lane High School, 999 Jamaica Avenue
Brooklyn Tech High School, 29 Fort Greene Place
Boys & Girls High School, 1700 Fulton Street
John Jay High School, 237 7th Avenue
Bushwick High School, 400 Irving Avenue
I.S. 187, 1171 65th Street
Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, 5800 20th Avenue
Clara Barton High School, 901 Classon Avenue

I also recommend making a donation to non-profits along the waterfront in Brooklyn. Gere are several non-profits that could use your support through an online donation:

Printed Matter
Dumbo Arts Center
A.I.R. Gallery
Smack Mellon

Up-To-Date List Of Locations Where Assistance Is Needed:
Updated Regularly. Last Update, Friday 11:17am. 

Folks in Park Slope can also donate goods at Postmark Cafe on 326 6th St. They will be accepting sugar, flour, 100% juice, canned fruit and veggies, canned tuna and chicken, soup, pasta sauce, rice, beans, boxed milk with a shelf life, cereal, oatmeal, coffee, and tea from 7am to 7pm (Saturday at 8am).

- DUMBO’s Powerhouse Arena got rained on in a big way. Over two feet of water stormed the bookstore/event space, destroying store items and furniture with it, leaving the place stranded without flood insurance. However, Powerhouse is determined to re-open, and you can help with that! Donate to their efforts to clean up and restock. There’s also a Sandy Hates Books fundraiser on the horizon, currently scheduled for Saturday, November 17 from 12-8pm. Updates to come.

- If anyone is available today InterOccupy is meeting and regrouping to help the elderly people who still are without food, water and electricity in the Warbass and Brighton area. Today they ran out of food and water. Please bring bottled water and any kind of unopened food or fruits/vegetables. Things that can be eaten without cooking. They are meeting at the RAJE center and moving out from there. 2915 Ocean parkway between Neptune and Oceanview aves. Please be there at 11am.

- Please come to St. Jacobi Church 5406 4th Ave  Sunset Park today, Friday, as early as 10am and throughout the day.   We will be transporting volunteers and supplies throughout the day to Coney Island, Howard Beach and Far Rockaway. You can catch a ride to Sunset Park from any of the Brooklyn drop-off locations at 12pm or 3pm.  Find all the Brooklyn hubs on check  for specific needs to bring.

- In Red Hook, the Red Hook Initiative has been coordinating relief and support efforts (and doing a phenomenal job!).  Feel free to drop in at 767 Hicks Street or call them at (718) 858-6782.

- Give blood.  Some of the City’s blood supplies were contaminated from flood waters and need to be replaced.  NY Methodist Hosptial and SUNY Downstate LICH are always eager to accommodate donors.

- Sign up for the City’s emergency notification message service - Notify NYC - available at:

- Cash donations to support these and other efforts can be made through the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City.  Learn more here:

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