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Feminist and Natural Hair Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us! The time of year has come again when NYC will transform into a land of fairies and monsters, and most likely, a large number of Obama’s, Romney’s and binders full of women. For one night, people around the United States are given the freedom to be whomever they desire, without judgement or consequence (most of the time at least). 

Finding a feminist-friendly halloween costume can been a challenge in the sea of naughty school girls, and disney character outfits currently on sale. Finding a feminist-friendly halloween costume for people of color with natural hair is even more difficult. So here is a list of some feminist costumes ideas for all the natural haired people out there.

1. Angela Davis (Top Row, Left)
Embody Black Power activist, political prisoner, and academic for the night. 
Costume: Afro (Check!), Big glasses (shades or vision glasses), Hoops, Black turtleneck, Black pants.  

2. Diana Ross (Top Row, Right)
A good outfit for those who love to shine. You can even belt out some tunes from The Supremes as you trick or treat your way through town. 
Costume: Afro, Off the shoulder dress with lots of sparkle, Hoops, Heels, and a Microphone. If you are ambitious, you can even get two other friends to dress up with you as The Supremes.

 3. Billie Holiday (Second Row, Left)
Holiday used her powerful voice to expose, and protest against, American racism and lynching practices in the South in the song, Strange Fruit. 
Costume:  1930’s dress, Flower in your hair, Pearl necklace, microphone, and Clip on earrings.

4. Pamela Grier as Foxy Brown (Second Row, Right)
Here’s your sexy feminist costume. In the 1970’s, the film and character, Foxy Brown, became a symbol of female empowerment amongst communities of color while catching the villains running around town. 
Costume: Afro, Red 1970s Blouse, Jeans with brown belt, Hoops, Platform shoes

5. Sonia Sanchez (Third Row, Left)
Finally, your night to show off your talented gifts as a poet. Or at least for one night!
Costume: 1970’s garb (preferably long skirt and shirt with collar), a notepad and pen to jot down your thoughts, and make sure to part your ‘fro in the middle. 

7. bell hooks (Third Row, Right)
Kick-ass author, feminist and social activist. 
Costume:  Professional dress (think professor), an African print scarf

What feminist figure are you going as this Halloween? 

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