Morgane Richardson

is a professional feminist, lecturer, freelance blogger and birth doula who addresses race, gender, and sexuality in today’s society... without dwelling on theorists and terminology.



Morgane is a professional feminist, social media firm and the founder of Refuse The Silence: Women of Color in Academia Speak Out. Her reflections on women, race and education have been published in numerous blogs and magazines including, Bitch, Feministing, University of Venus and More Magazine.

Aside from earning a degree with an all-too lengthy title (a joint BA in Sociology/Anthropology and The History of Art and Architecture), Morgane spent her time at Middlebury College shaking up the status quo and demanding respect for her peers’ rights.

After graduation Morgane put her experience as a campus organizer, Posse Scholar, and her innate awesomeness to use toward a career as a professional Feminist.  In 2008 she founded Refuse The Silence, an initiative that encourages women of color who are currently enrolled in or have attended elite liberal arts colleges in the United States to share their stories. 

In 2009 she co-founded a successful social media firm, Mixtape Media, which works on pro-social campaigns for clients like Russell Simmons and the United Nations.  And in 2010 she has taken on a new role as Workshop Genius, traveling the country working with students and administrators to reconcile the existing hegemony within elite academia with the desire for diverse campuses.  

Morgane is a fourth wave antiracist feminist - approaching her generation’s inherited economic, environmental, and social issues with an innovative flair, a progressive mindset, and a practical implementation., is a glimpse into her daily life and experiences as a feminist, queer, and woman of color activist. She currently lives in Costa Rica with her partner, Alexandra and their dog, Joplin where she is obtaining a masters in Gender and Peace Building at the University For Peace.